Make Your Neighbors Jealous With These Incredible Garage Door Designs

love finding new ways to punch up forgotten items in my house.

Thanks to the internet, there are a number of amazing ways to add a bit of DIY “flair” to the ordinary and mundane  like with this fantastic tutorial for repurposing old sweaters into luxurious-looking throw pillows.

And when I discovered the shocking new trend of garage door makeovers, I had to learn more.

Garages are usually just a place to store your car, tools, and leftover junk. But more and more people are now thinking of their garage doors as a blank canvas for truly stunning scenes.

These optical illusion murals are easy to create, and the results will blow the entire neighborhood away. Whether you’re looking to “convert” your garage into a full-scale airport hangar or a charming Italian vineyard, garage door decals allow you take this oft-overlooked part of your home and turn it into a museum-worthy masterpiece.


Image Source: R C Cabinets and Closets

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